The Five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan RitesOsho- r' g: i5 X; U
This series takes about 15 minutes. It is the most effective of all short yoga exercise routines.  It works on both physical body and the "energy body". Strong and healthy back, vitality and general well-beingaoxiu.com2 P- Y$ Y3 a6 f$ P, _. j4 D* p
Repeat each rite several times. Start with the number that is comfortable, and increase the number of repetitions until you do each rite 21 times. Make each rite a meditation on the present moment.
& g* d5 r5 a- N7 h& u' `: V( e* q5 ^. ?4 Z
1: Whirl fast or slow, eyes soft. Enjoy and get high on  whirling like a kid!Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation8 B7 ?7 W& d1 q' X9 d
aoxiu.com5 E" O! Z! E) u" x# O+ p
Start: Flat on your back, palms down.
$ x- p  W+ {. uOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationThen: lift head and legs
" i3 t3 R# G2 {, ]: qaoxiu.comLeg and head lift Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation. l1 l6 k' T  U+ P% T
Start Laying  flatOsho. I3 i9 `0 Z$ w2 h+ E
Breathe in: Lift straight legs and head:Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation) i. e( [/ _4 v  m
Breathe out: Lower legs and head..Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation- z4 A4 m3 F; S! V
奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)* Z$ c: u, }2 C4 u" F& n% r/ ]

6 N; m+ ]# E% I$ zOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationStart: Kneel, body straight up from knees Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation8 y  @; ]( N7 g$ N$ I/ \5 S
Then band backaoxiu.com2 c2 L4 t0 d; G" a( j
Camel ; a1 C! [, t+ w' u1 I0 P
Start kneeling with hands on the things under the butt.( u* c. B, ^( U  n+ r5 g
Breathe out: chin to chest.
. e4 ~6 G9 ?) |3 X0 pBreathe in:  head and shoulders  back.( A/ O5 w# L0 d
奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love): J+ N/ A2 `5 m
aoxiu.com7 ], b! h2 j0 Z
Start: Sit on your ass, back and legs straight
- m  L# |. e  Y( B# [$ P( ^Then lift up pelvis and drop head back, s8 s( m: a- `8 t
"Coffee Table"
$ M" i7 c( q6 [aoxiu.comStart sitting with straight back and straight legs, legs slightly apart. Hands next to the hips fingers pointing forward.
& p0 r1 f; U& ?" N# ?1 jOshoBreathe in: head back your pelvis up, tense up the body.
8 T3 ?9 q& e$ a0 S( W  WBreathe out: sit down straight legs straight back, relax.& E$ |2 M; _+ l1 g4 y2 u
Keep heels and hands in same place throughout this rite.
) Z# R5 G' b  H; H  gOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation
! j3 K3 E8 Z3 d) B6 l奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation* W  p: g% F+ i3 d2 K6 t
奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)/ c7 e  m  a1 ^5 I$ ?) F
"A-frame" + "Hanging Cobra"
) r3 {# t7 r1 q) }5 L7 C2 J9 L7 XBreathe in: Butt up, go up on your toes.
2 b$ y5 P, k3 Q+ t) J5 iOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationBreathe out: butt down .奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)) E& |) J' F" b2 k
Through out the whole rite, don't lay down, the body is supported only by hands and toes.Osho6 {7 X; a: i8 `( ~2 u) e$ H5 Q
Tense up the body in both the top and the bottom positions.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation2 u4 S( X3 g$ L5 ^" P