Zen Story - from "Take it easy"

Zen student: "So, master, is the soul immortal or not?
: |: W) _' ~' c) Eaoxiu.comDo we survive our bodily death or do we get annihilated?
$ j4 i& t+ @- D$ xOshoDo we really reincarnate? Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation  x" |2 P6 x8 h- `2 E
Does our soul split up into com-ponent parts which get recycled, Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation, F$ Z7 D1 W) `( `1 ^. h3 S- O. Q! ~: F
or do we as a single unit enter the body of a biological organism? 奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)0 @1 X5 s  _! b2 N0 f
And do we retain our memories or not?
3 O- ~% z+ x7 k' x  A/ DOshoOr is the doctrine of reincarnation false?
; M* G4 u# [2 B( O1 _/ @Is perhaps the Christian notion of survival more Correct?
( U+ S: U% ^. f: }奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)And if so, do we get bodily resurrected, or does our soul enter a purely Platonic spiritual realm?" 0 d: e" z$ U# n
Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation5 s8 _  K- S6 u/ j$ Y5 E! X& D
Master: "Your breakfast is getting cold." Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation3 b$ D5 F( O" y; n* Q/ |
aoxiu.com- h& P1 D- }4 a  |; q' }( q9 s
That's the way of Zen: to bring you herenow. 奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)1 k: z$ ]! @. ^
The breakfast is far more important than any paradise. aoxiu.com8 u8 [9 D0 K/ o- b6 E
The breakfast is far more important than any concept of God.aoxiu.com% E" B  x7 w; q/ g
The breakfast is more important than any theory of reincarnation, soul,
6 u5 H: e- O) G; o: mOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditationrebirth, and all that nonsense. Because the breakfast is herenow.奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)8 B2 T$ k3 P' S) I' e
Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation2 y9 P% X1 _5 A' H; J( T/ ?( H$ m
- from "Take it easy, vol 1"Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation: k/ \5 M3 a: D