5 p. x+ s3 O9 Y" _+ V% n$ K奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)
/ ~% ?2 h2 M) x- {7 x" OOshoCan you say something about these beautiful words of Buddha:
5 y4 A3 p2 U3 h" ], f“Love yourself and watch — today, tomorrow, always”?
* l8 t" D2 T* i1 [( D4 L  dOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation5 X, Y& z8 x" P0 c
Love Yourself....
9 n. x) R7 e; Q( }" V; saoxiu.com奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)" q% p7 |# }, }+ @
Love is the nourishment for the soul. Just as food is to the body, so love is to the soul. Without food the body is weak, without love the soul is weak. And no state, no church and no vested interest has ever wanted people to have strong souls, because a person with spiritual energy is bound to be rebellious.奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love). M0 z$ ~& s$ z* ^4 V

8 R  Y/ [. A) H) waoxiu.comLove makes you rebellious, revolutionary. Love gives you wings to soar high. Love gives you insight into things, so that nobody can deceive you, exploit you, oppress you. And the priests and the politicians survive only on your blood. And the priests and the politicians survive only on your blood -- they survive only on exploitation. They are parasites, all the priests and all the politicians.
6 i$ F% X% ~7 \1 ?( r( m  s7 t% l* O+ o$ ^  g) C4 w
To make you spiritually weak they have found a sure method, one hundred percent guaranteed, and that is to teach you not to love yourself -- because if a man cannot love himself he cannot love anybody else either. The teaching is very tricky. They say: Love others -- because they know if you cannot love yourself you cannot love at all. But they go on saying: Love others, love humanity, love God, love nature, love your wife, your husband, your children and your parents, but don't love yourself, because to love oneself is selfish according to them.
6 J* ?2 r1 w2 s/ i/ \; O奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)
9 E8 d7 `' L# U  ^; `+ I& w5 t奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)They condemn self-love as they condemn nothing else -- and they have made their teaching look very logical. They say: If you love yourself you will become an egoist, if you love yourself you will become narcissistic. It is not true. A man who loves himself finds that there is no ego in him. It is in loving others without loving yourself, in trying to love others that the ego arises.Osho5 t4 M  M. C3 H" \

: R( R4 V# @6 q$ v& W/ `  eOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationLove knows nothing of duty. Duty is a burden, a formality. Love is a joy, a sharing; love is informal. The lover never feels that he has done enough; the lover always feels that more was possible. The lover never feels, "have obliged the other." On the contrary, he feels, "Because my love has been received, I am obliged. The other has obliged me by receiving my gift, by not rejecting it." The man of duty thinks, "I am higher, spiritual, extraordinary. Look how I serve people!"奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)  r4 P2 w/ F' d9 M* \, F9 x

4 z# w% n$ G; d1 g8 g0 qA man who loves himself respects himself, and a man who loves himself and respects himself respects others too, because he knows, "Just as I am, so are others. Just as I enjoy love, respect, dignity, so do others. " He becomes aware that we are not different; as far as the fundamentals are concerned, we are one. We are under the same law: AES DHAMMO b* i: U  |: l" \: l8 v6 J
奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)$ g/ ^( g2 c' G* q7 ^, o8 [
The man who loves himself enjoys the love so much, becomes so blissful, that the love starts overflowing, it starts reaching others. It HAS to reach! If you live love, you have to share it. You cannot go on loving yourself forever because one thing will become absolutely clear to you: that if loving one person, yourself, is so tremendously ecstatic and beautiful, how much more ecstasy is waiting for you if you start sharing your love with many many people!Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation3 t2 e6 x7 B$ T$ G
aoxiu.com5 G+ Y5 b. ~7 @6 N6 A
Slowly the ripples start reaching farther and farther. You love other people; then you start loving animals, birds, trees, rocks. You can fill the whole universe with your love. A single person is enough to fill the whole universe with love, just as a single pebble can fill the whole lake with ripples -- a small  d; l0 l4 l' D' b+ j( h

" O' r$ O9 r# Y* [Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationMan has to become a god. Unless man becomes a god there is going to be no fulfillment, no contentment. But how can you become a god? Your priests say that you are a sinner. Your priests say that you are doomed, that you are bound to go to hell. And they make you very much afraid of loving yourself.
9 q% _( d' Q# w& H4 P奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation) [+ |, b) D* E/ }3 i; p: E
That's why people are such great fault-finders. They find fault with themselves -- how can they avoid finding the same faults in others? In fact, they will find them and they will magnify them, they will make them as big as possible. That seems to be the only saving device; somehow, to save face, you have to do it. That's why there is so much criticism and such a lack of love.
, u# q: A' n/ F- h" O! `Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation$ P* A$ ]  x4 i" u5 a
I say this is one of the most profound sutras of Buddha, and only an awakened person can give you such an insight.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation  a( t7 Y  t  [6 Y

- `0 i6 w( M4 ]% r5 y+ }( uA person who loves himself can easily become meditative, because meditation means being with yourself. If you hate yourself -- as you do, as you have been told to do, and you have been following it religiously -- if you hate yourself, how can you be with yourself? And meditation is nothing but enjoying your beautiful aloneness and celebrating yourself. That’s what meditation is all about. Meditation is not a relationship. The other is not needed at all; one is enough unto oneself. One is bathed in one's own glory, bathed in one's own light. One is simply joyous because one is alive, because one is.Osho$ S  X: k) ?( t; y, z6 \
奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)/ M! ~4 O- b" V% d, q( m& @- T: m3 I' L
The greatest miracle in the world is that you are and that I am. To BE is the greatest miracle, and meditation opens the doors of this great miracle. But only a man who loves himself can meditate; otherwise you are always escaping from yourself, avoiding yourself. Who wants to look at an ugly face and who wants to penetrate an ugly being? Who wants to go deep into one's own mud, into one’s own darkness? Who wants to enter the hell that they think they are? You want to keep this whole thing covered up with beautiful flowers and you want always to escape from yourself.aoxiu.com2 v1 q+ u/ N. Q: U8 @* m2 f* z* x- @

1 S6 \7 X) u% H7 l! hOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationHence people are seeking company continuously. They can't be with themselves; they want to be with others. People are seeking any type of company; if they can avoid the company of themselves anything will do. They will sit in a movie house for three hours seeing something utterly stupid. They will read a detective novel for hours, wasting their time. They will read the same newspaper again and again just to keep themselves engaged. They will play cards and chess just to kill if they have too much time!
$ @- a: d/ q0 y; Q奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation) u4 B+ p8 [6 p# W" B
Love begins with you yourself, then it can go on spreading. It goes on spreading of its own accord; you need not do anything to spread it.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation5 F+ h5 N5 G* N3 R, Z
Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation1 u' S: Y1 `# X6 C1 g
Love yourself..." says Buddha. And then immediately he adds: "... and watch." That is meditation, that is Buddha's name for meditation. But the first requirement is to love yourself, and then watch. If you don't love yourself and start watching, you may feel like committing suicide.Osho; z4 r+ J* {* D* g* X7 i9 a
Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation) H0 T8 t$ \/ v% R( d$ O0 v
Many Buddhists feel like committing suicide because they don't pay attention to the first part of the sutra, they immediately jump to the second: watch yourself. In fact, I have never come across a single commentary on THE DHAMMAPADA, these sutras of the Buddha, which has paid any attention to the first part: LOVE YOURSELF.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation  t% \# k! u4 y8 V8 n3 S  P

. g/ p, o- V) {, g; ^5 c奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Socrates says: Know thyself, Buddha says: Love thyself. And Buddha is far truer, because unless you love yourself you will never know yourself -- knowing comes only later on, love prepares the ground. Love is the possibility of knowing oneself. Love is the right way to know oneself.
$ `* t; b) y& F5 i( b, `奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho. O% k& b. h& r! M  R( y
LOVE YOURSELF AND WATCH --Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation$ Q' n( S$ G7 y5 \! o
TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS.aoxiu.com8 m) o; N/ q  {- m! U/ j( S" Y# ?9 ^# R' i
Create loving energy around yourself. Love your body and love your mind. Love your whole mechanism, your whole organism. By "love" is meant: accept it as it is, don't try to repress. We repress only when we hate something, we repress only when we are against something. Don't repress, because if you repress how are you going to watch? We cannot look the enemy eye to eye; we can look only in the eyes of our beloved. If you are not a lover of yourself you will not be able to look into your own eyes, into your own face, into your own reality.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation# R, Z! K2 P. S9 ^$ k/ P
Osho# ~2 i: {" w; U, m
Watching is meditation, Buddha's name for meditation. Watch is Buddha's watchword. He says: Be aware, be alert, don't be unconscious. Don't behave in a sleepy way. Don't go on functioning like a machine, like a robot. That's how people are functioning.
' [0 {9 }5 J! @奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)
8 B, O  ?* ^- `: ~( f3 @6 j. t' E: q) POsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationWatch -- just watch. Buddha does not say what has to be watched -- everything! Walking, watch your walking. Eating, watch your eating. Taking a shower, watch the water, the cold water falling on you, the touch of the water, the coldness, the shiver that goes through your spine -- watch everything, ?TODAY, TOMORROW, ALWAYS.Osho7 X" q# @" D" u9 F9 d! a2 c$ m- l0 c: T! y* p- I
A moment finally comes when you can watch even your sleep. That is the ultimate in watching. The body goes to sleep and there is still a watcher awake, silently watching the body fast asleep. That is the ultimate in watching. Right now just the opposite is the case: your BODY is awake but you are asleep. Then YOU will be awake and your body will be asleep. The body needs rest but your consciousness needs no sleep. Your consciousness IS consciousness; it is alertness, that is its very nature.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation4 d3 t& ~- b) a) M' m" s1 C& D2 N

2 E! X+ Z' c# I, V* p0 u+ RAs you become more watchful you start having wings -- then the whole sky is yours. Man is a meeting of the earth and the sky, of body and soul.
8 c; m+ t; A% j; Q" X4 JOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation   Osho5 V* K/ d$ ^! o7 E. m5 L/ Q5 w9 u
    Osho/ o" {3 g' `- p. f9 {+ ~" g
The Way of the Buddha: The Dhammapada
. @+ P( z% ?# d/ NOsho  t3 ~4 U+ K2 |
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% T' o* L' r' [. x  n2 Y奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)    您能就佛陀这句美丽的话谈谈吗:奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)5 s0 c/ }/ q2 N" X$ M" B9 a/ }
“爱你自己并且观照——今天,明天,一直下去”?$ H6 j+ w* E; h' E3 i2 n) T

# j9 K. \4 ]1 w. ?2 x  F- j# POsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation爱你自己Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation/ M4 h6 Q, v+ W/ s) J# n8 S5 U* u+ D* }
爱是灵魂的滋养。就象食物对身体一样,爱是灵魂的食物。没有食物身体是虚弱的,没有爱灵魂是虚弱的。但是没有哪个国家,哪个教堂,或是哪个特权阶级(vested interest)希望人们有强大的灵魂,因为一个有精神力量的人必然是叛逆的(rebellious)。
! n# j! l( F; \2 `8 R* Q/ k+ N爱让你叛逆,革新。爱给你翅膀,让你飞得更高。爱让你洞察事物,于是没人能欺骗你,利用(exploit,利用、剥削)你,压制你。而那些牧师和政治家就是靠吸你的血,靠剥削你才活下来的。他们是寄生虫,所有的牧师和政治家都是。奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)/ V7 i$ _! x  g! L; n
为了使你在精神上脆弱,他们找到了一个管用的方法,一个能确保百分之百好用的方法,而那就是教你不爱你自己,因为如果一个人不能爱他自己,他将不能爱任何其他人。这个方法非常的狡猾。他们说:爱他人,因为他们知道如果你不能爱自己,你根本就不可能爱。但是他们继续说:爱他人,爱人类,爱上帝,爱大自然,爱你的妻子,爱你的丈夫,你的孩子和你的父母,但是不要爱你自己,因为按他们的说法,爱自己是自私的。奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love). k, b- G  z8 Z

5 z# [+ Y6 {7 n1 x& |aoxiu.com他们指责自爱,胜过他们指责任何其他事(They condemn self-love as they condemn nothing else),而他们把他们的教义搞得看上去很符合逻辑。他们说:如果你爱你自己,你就会变成一个自我为中心的人,如果你爱你自己,你就会变成一个自恋狂。这不是真的。一个爱他自己的人将发现他的内在没有自我。爱其他人却不爱自己时有自我,在努力试图去爱别人的时候自我出现了。
2 B4 l8 Q. T8 p5 c- Q. {6 H' ZOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation爱不知道什么责任。责任是一种负担,一种形式。爱是快乐,是一种分享;爱是不拘于形式的(informal)。在爱的人从来不会觉得他已经做得够了;在爱的人总是觉得他还能做得更多。在爱的人从来不觉得他对另一个人有恩。相反,他觉得感激,因为我的爱被接纳了,我很感激。我要感谢另一个人,因为他接受了我的礼物,没有拒绝我。而一个有责任的人这么想,我更高尚,更有神性,更超凡。看我是怎么帮助人们的!
! f# f/ [) h. U0 _/ c5 v2 |Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation一个爱他自己的人尊重他自己,而一个爱他自己并尊重他自己的人也尊重其他人,因为他知道,其他人和我是一样的。就象我享受爱,享受尊重和自尊一样,其他人也如此。他会知道,我们没有不同;就那根本的而言,我们是一体的。我们遵循同一个规律(law,法则,规律): Es dhammo sanantano。Osho/ g3 O; `0 D: ~) p* p/ _  T
爱他自己的人是如此地享受爱,如此充满喜悦,他的爱开始充溢,开始扩展到别人(it starts reaching others)。它必定要蔓延(it has to reach)。如果你爱(live love 用你的生命去爱),你将不得不分享你的爱。你不能永远只爱你自己,因为你将非常清楚一件事:就是如果爱一个人,也就是你自己,已经是如此地喜悦和美丽,如果你开始和许多许多其他人分享你的爱,又会有多少的喜悦在等着你!
. u  {; N1 Z7 ^1 s" b0 LOsho慢慢的,它会波及得越来越远。你爱其他的人;然后你开始爱动物,鸟儿,树木和石头。你可以用你的爱充满整个宇宙。单单一个人的爱就足以充满整个宇宙,就好象一个小石子就足以令整个湖波澜起伏,只是一个小石子。
5 d- f0 W! K* Qaoxiu.com人必须变成神。除非人变成神,否则将不会有达成,不会有满足。但是你怎么变成神呢?你的神甫说你是个罪人。你的神甫说你的命运已经注定了,那就是你注定要下地狱。而且他们让你非常的害怕去爱自己。
0 v1 e0 B4 D: F( o. z' k& fOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation那就是为什么人们是这么会找毛病。他们找自己的毛病,他们怎么可能不去在别人身上找同样的毛病呢?事实上,他们会找到它们并将其放大,尽可能的大。那好象是唯一的挽救机制;某种角度而言,为了挽救面子,你不得不这么做(That seems to be the only saving device; somehow, to save face, you have to do it)。这就是为什么有这么多的批评,这么的缺乏爱。
* j+ S  U& i) P8 IOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation我说这是佛祖最深刻的经文之一,而只有一个开悟的人能给你这样的洞见。
3 w5 a  b1 J+ q5 B$ e奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)一个爱他自己的人能很容易的进入静心,因为静心意味着和你自己在一起。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation3 i# i% k  E( [: d7 ^& k" F7 a
如果你讨厌你自己,就象你现在这样,象你被教育的那样,而你还一直虔诚的遵循着。如果你讨厌你自己,你怎么能和你自己在一起呢?静心其实就是享受你自己单独的美,庆祝你自己。这就是静心的所有内容。静心不是一种关系,根本不需要另一个人;一个人靠他自己就足够了。一个人沐浴在自己的美里,沐浴在自身的光辉里。一个人就是那么的快乐,因为他活着,因为他存在。Osho0 s  N+ g/ `, u1 n2 r

9 ^: a6 u; Z4 y8 ?* G奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)这个世界上最伟大的奇迹就是,你存在,我存在。存在就是最伟大的奇迹,而静心打开了通向这个伟大奇迹的大门。但是只有一个爱他自己的的人才能静心;否则你只会一直逃避你自己,躲避自己。谁会想看到一张丑陋的脸,谁又会愿意穿透(penetrate)一个丑陋的存在。谁愿意深入自己的本质(deep into one';s own mud),深入自己的黑暗。谁愿意进入他们自认为自己就是的那个地狱。你想把这一切用美丽的鲜花掩盖起来,而你想一直逃避你自己。
0 U, F6 l7 u% R3 B. @6 @Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation于是人们开始不断的寻求伴侣。他们不能和自己在一起;他们想和别人在一起。人们找各种各样的伴侣;只要他们能避免和自己在一起,什么都行。他们会坐在一家电影院里三个小时看些完全愚蠢的东西。他们会花几个小时读一本侦探小说,浪费他们的时间。他们会一遍又一遍地读同样的报纸,就只是为了不让自己闲下来。他们会玩扑克和象棋来打发时间...就好象他们有太多的时间一样!Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation% q+ Q, Y$ u3 t8 f. ]& \
爱源于你,你自己,然后她能够蔓延。她会自己继续蔓延;你什么都不用做。Osho  o. |, p" R  \) b# p6 j- f
"爱你自己.."佛祖说。而紧接着他说:"...并且观照。"那就是静心,那就是佛祖给静心的定义。但是那第一个条件是爱你自己,然后观照。如果你不爱你自己而开始观照,你会想自杀。6 w- A7 l, `( i& q2 B) `
3 T( i+ c, l3 G6 Z苏格拉底说:认识你自己,佛祖说:爱你自己。而佛祖说得太对了,因为除非你爱自己,否则你将无法认识自己,认知是后来才有的,爱为它做好了准备。爱使认识自己成为可能。爱是通往认知自己的正确之路。
9 d+ R' J3 K& J5    爱你自己并且观照...今天,明天,一直下去。
' X5 x- [. h) v( y. ?Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation让爱的能量包围你自己。爱你的身体,爱你的头脑。爱你的整个身体的运做,你整个生命(love your whole mechanism, your whole organism)。爱意味着:按它本来的样子接受它,不要压抑它。只有当我们讨厌什么东西的时候我们才压抑,只有当我们抵制什么东西的时候我们才压抑。不要压抑,因为如果你压制,你怎么能观照呢?我们不能正视敌人的眼睛:我们只能正视我们爱人的眼睛。如果你不是你自己的爱人,你将不能够正视你自己,不能够看你自己的脸,看你真实的自己。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation1 _! _0 r6 P4 |. V% N2 P( M
观照就是静心,佛祖这么定义静心。观照是佛祖的静心语言(watch is Buddha';s watchword)。他说:要觉知,要警觉,不要无意识。不要象一个睡着的人那样行动。不要象一部机器,象个机器人。那正是人们现在的样子。
+ z2 U7 C* V- `+ m观照,只是观照。佛祖没有说要观照什么。一切!走路时,观照你在走。吃饭时,观照你在吃。洗澡时,观照那水,清凉的水落到你身上,那水的触感,那种凉爽的感觉,那穿过你脊柱的震颤。观照所有的事,今天,明天,一直下去。
, O3 D; x0 J  Q, _9 d0 m6 N6 u4 ZOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation
. ~5 E) w) n  Taoxiu.com最后,一个时刻会来临,当你在睡觉时也能保持观照。那是观照的最高点(ultimate)。身体睡了,而那个观照者却醒着,静静地看着身体入睡。那是观照的最高点。而现在却是相反的:你的身体是醒着的,而你却是睡着的。然后当你醒着,你的身体却睡着了。身体需要休息,但是你的觉知不需要睡觉。你的意识是觉知;它是警觉,那是它的本质。
. t3 Z+ n  F" l: h. \# S0 u+ J  w奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)当你变得觉知,你将会有翅膀,而整个天空都是你的。人是天和地的相会,是身体和灵魂的汇合。
$ @/ b- C, t3 X1 p) q- KOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation
! ?0 ?$ x6 z! A% [, kOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationThe Way of the Buddha: The Dhammapada
* z: c, E4 r; E+ G! `7 e" ^( GOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation