Society Never Teaches You to Be Watchful...

Society Never Teaches You to Be Watchful...     
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8 `; E) r9 Z) W4 R, R% }' Z3 r/ iOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation    Why does man suppress so much and become unhealthy? Because the society teaches you to control, not to transform, and the way of transformation is totally different. For one thing, it is not the way of control at all, it is just the opposite.! g5 _' D. N3 j0 E

8 e$ s/ g/ V8 H2 a3 _) jaoxiu.comFirst thing: in controlling you repress, in transformation you express.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation' c( p5 g  Z1 h$ b
But there is no need to express on somebody else because the ?omebody else?is just irrelevant. Next time you feel angry go and run around the house seven times, and after it sit under a tree and watch where the anger has gone. You have not repressed it, you have not controlled it, you have not thrown it on somebody else ?because if you throw it on somebody else a chain is created, because the other is as foolish as you, as unconscious as you. If you throw it on another, and if the other is an enlightened person, there will be no trouble; he will help you to throw and release it and go through a catharsis. But the other is as ignorant as you ?if you throw anger on him he will react. He will throw more anger on you, he is repressed as much as you are. Then there comes a chain: you throw on him, he throws on you, and you both become enemies.6 K  C4 b. F9 v' c: d" O0 V
Don? throw it on anybody. It is the same as when you feel like vomiting: you don? go and vomit on somebody. Anger needs a vomit. You go to the bathroom and vomit! It cleanses the whole body ?if you suppress the vomit it will be dangerous, and when you have vomited you will feel fresh, you will feel unburdened, unloaded, good, healthy. Something was wrong in the food that you took and the body rejects it. Don? go on forcing it inside.
: |5 f2 }) a5 O7 r; q) ~5 N) c奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Anger is just a mental vomit. Something is wrong that you have taken in and your whole psychic being wants to throw it out, but there is no need to throw it out on somebody.
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  ?* x5 m8 y- F7 Z0 JOshoBecause people throw it on others, society tells them to control it.奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)+ O* h- f" b9 I
There is no need to throw anger on anybody. You can go to your bathroom, you can go on a long walk ?it means that something is inside that needs fast activity so that it is released. Just do a little jogging and you will feel it is released, or take a pillow and beat the pillow, fight with the pillow, and bite the pillow until your hands and teeth are relaxed. Within a five-minute catharsis you will feel unburdened, and once you know this you will never throw it on anybody, because that is absolutely foolish.
# N9 h1 `, R+ x4 `; w, COsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationThe first thing in transformation then is to express anger, but not on anybody, because if you express it on somebody you cannot express it totally. You may like to kill, but it is not possible; you may like to bite, but it is not possible. But that can be done to a pillow. A pillow means ?lready enlightened? the pillow is enlightened, a buddha. The pillow will not react, and the pillow will not go to any court, and the pillow will not bring any enmity against you, and the pillow will not do anything. The pillow will be happy, and the pillow will laugh at you.
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The second thing to remember: be aware.Osho5 f4 A& d' }; ]) m0 m: S
In controlling, no awareness is needed; you simply do it mechanically, like a robot. The anger comes and there is a mechanism ?suddenly your whole being becomes narrow and closed. If you are watchful control may not be so easy.
" W8 z& L5 E! N1 M, POsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationSociety never teaches you to be watchful, because when somebody is watchful, he is wide open. That is part of awareness ?one is open, and if you want to suppress something and you are open, it is contradictory, it may come out. The society teaches you how to close yourself in, how to cave yourself in ?don? allow even a small window for anything to go out.
( Z/ \, Z( u7 O7 gOshoBut remember: when nothing goes out, nothing comes in either. When the anger cannot go out, you are closed. If you touch a beautiful rock, nothing goes in; you look at a flower, nothing goes in: your eyes are dead and closed. You kiss a person ?nothing goes in, because you are closed. You live an insensitive life.
# g7 C+ z2 g" z: P9 ?aoxiu.com0 E" M7 Y( N% H/ K  f8 q
Sensitivity grows with awareness.
+ i; _8 S0 R+ O2 \  TOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationThrough control you become dull and dead ?that is part of the mechanism of control: if you are dull and dead then nothing will affect you, as if the body has become a citadel, a defense. Nothing will affect you, neither insult nor love.
2 e5 Z$ q1 m+ e' kOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationBut this control is at a very great cost, an unnecessary cost; then it becomes the whole effort in life: how to control yourself ?and then die! The whole effort of control takes all your energy, and then you simply die. And the life becomes a dull and dead thing; you somehow carry it on.
, q/ j+ `8 H) E& W5 v/ w9 `The society teaches you control and condemnation, because a child will control only when he feels something is condemned. Anger is bad; sex is bad; everything that has to be controlled has to be made to look like a sin to the child, to look like evil.
1 @1 V1 `% X- O2 T3 `% v奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Mulla Nasruddin? son was growing up. He was ten years of age and so Mulla thought: Now, this is the time. He is old enough and the secrets of life must be revealed to him. So he called him into his study and gave him the lowdown on sex among birds and bees. And then in the end he told him, ?hen you feel your younger brother is old enough, you tell the whole thing to him also.?br> u( {3 A# t6 Q# `* C: G
Just a few minutes after, when he was passing by the rooms of the kids, he heard the older one, the ten-year-old one, already at work. He was telling the younger: ?ook, you know what people do, that stuff people do when they want to get a child, a baby? Well, Dad says birds and bees do the same darn thing.?br>Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation: [( C* ~, {* j* p! u5 R
A deep condemnation enters about all that is alive.
) u$ K7 y& d* H4 ~Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationAnd sex is the most alive thing ?has to be! It is the source. Anger is also a most alive thing, because it is a protective force. If a child cannot be angry at all, he will not be able to survive. You have to be angry in certain moments. The child has to show his own being, the child has to stand in certain moments upon his own ground; otherwise he will have no backbone.
# W4 W9 w3 q2 Q: v' MOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,MeditationAnger is beautiful; sex is beautiful. But beautiful things can go ugly. That depends on you. If you condemn them, they become ugly; if you transform them, they become divine. Anger transformed becomes compassion ?because the energy is the same. A buddha is compassionate: from where does his compassion come? This is the same energy that was moving in anger; now it is not moving in anger, the same energy is transformed into compassion. From where does love come? A Buddha is loving; a Jesus is love. The same energy that moves into sex becomes love.Osho5 y+ T, I- Y, v0 j; U  n# U
So remember, if you condemn a natural phenomenon it becomes poisonous, it destroys you, it becomes destructive and suicidal. If you transform it, it becomes divine, it becomes a God-force, it becomes an elixir; you attain through it to immortality, to a deathless being. But transformation is needed.
" S# l7 M: h4 x$ o奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)   " W- O: _, ]4 j3 O* t& K1 [; N
) n9 L' v; M! D6 f4 @% \# J7 I& COsho: And the Flowers Showered, #3   
0 ?* C$ \) p' H! h.    Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation- Y. |; g; @0 H- \( {$ V0 z9 N' K

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Society Never Teaches You to Be Watchful...

社会从来不会教你变得觉知.....奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love), M' y# ]$ b0 f7 S
  l9 h" n3 q* E% j4 o! ~奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)首先:通过抑制你压抑,通过转化你释放(in transformation you express)。aoxiu.com8 K# |5 v( D( ]2 j8 V( j  z
但是没有必要释放到另一个人身上,因为这与其他人无关。下次你感到愤怒,去绕着房子跑七圈,然后坐在一棵树下看看愤怒跑到哪里去了。你没有压抑它,你没有控制它,你没有把它发泄到别人身上,因为如果你把它发泄到另一个人身上,一条链形成了,因为这另一个人也和你一样无知,一样无意识。如果你向另一个人发泄,如果那个人是个已经开悟的人,那就不会有什么问题:他会帮助你投放它,释放它,并经历一次宣泄。但是另一个人和你一样无知,如果你对他发怒,他会反击。他会对你发泄更多的愤怒,他和一样的压抑。于是就有了一个链:你投给他,他扔给你,你们两个变成敌人。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation$ ]; e! @% i) ]7 @- U6 I- ^
1 U4 m+ _8 |( C; l愤怒是一种精神的呕吐。你纳入了一些不好的东西,而你的整个精神的存在想把它扔出去,但是没有必要把它扔给别人。
) a0 ^! v4 H+ R; dOsho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation由于人们把它扔向别人,社会告诉他们要压抑它。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation6 a5 Q$ X4 V0 @8 ?
没有必要把愤怒发泄在任何人身上。你可以去卫生间,你可以出去走走。这意味着内在的某种东西需要快速的活动,这样才能被释放掉。只要小跑一会你就会觉得它被释放了,或者拿个枕头猛扁,捶枕头,咬枕头直到你的手和牙齿都放松为止。五分钟的宣泄后,你会觉得卸下了重担,而一旦你知道了这一点,你就再不会发泄到任何人身上了,因为那绝对的愚蠢。Osho/ j' ~; }# j; P7 A! w7 O
; Z; `, P$ a/ R  \1 l$ m0 {( {奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation$ k+ |" |* i# C8 p; s
第二件要记住的事:要觉知。4 e! P" o, ^) g% p/ a
压抑不需要觉知;你只是机械的压抑,就象个机器人。愤怒来了,那个机械行为在那里,突然你真个存在变得狭隘封闭了。如果你是觉知的,压抑就不是那么容易了。. A  Y( E. {& j" c7 g
社会从来不会教你觉知,因为当一个人觉知,他是打开的。那是觉知的一部分,一个人是打开的,而如果你想压抑什么而你是打开的,这是矛盾的,它会跑出来(That is part of awareness ?one is open, and if you want to suppress something and you are open, it is contradictory, it may come out)。社会教你如何封闭自己,如何压抑自己,连一扇让东西可以跑出来小窗口都不允许有。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation+ w% \2 L; _! M: _$ C: j1 U
% Q- q# G7 P4 N6 J) D感知随觉知而增长
# `$ K9 V4 H( `' W$ ]6 n# ~  {  B6 oaoxiu.com通过压抑你变得迟钝,死板,这是抑制机制的一部分:如果你是迟钝和死板的,那么什么也影响不了你,就好象身体变成了一个基地,一个防御。什么也无法影响你,侮辱和爱都不行。
8 h! M0 u9 M1 z' [3 A' h# v7 R  s- c但这个抑制是付出了很大代价的,一个很不必要的代价;然后它变成了整个生命的努力:怎么压抑你自己,然后死掉!整个努力花掉了你所有的能量,然后你就死掉了(死翘翘了)。而生命变得如此呆滞,死板;你却一直继续着。(somehow carry it on: 不知怎么的死撑着)
3 U- l$ E+ c' iaoxiu.com奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love). H9 X, h$ [% U* v; q' S  t4 `
社会教你压抑,谴责,因为只有当一个小孩发现某件事是受指责的时候,他才会开始压抑。愤怒是坏的;性是坏的;对一个孩子,所有这些要被压抑的事看上去要象罪恶,象魔鬼。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation5 I0 J  P7 h" f
  J; V( e2 t7 w; T  y. J) d奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)几分钟后,当他经过他孩子们的房间的时候,他听见大一点的孩子,那个十岁的已经开始他的工作了。他正在告诉年纪小的:好吧,你知道大人们怎么做吗,就是当他们想要个孩子时做的。好吧,爸爸说,鸟和蜜蜂也做同样的事(same ?darn? thing)。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation3 L7 c. S) G) F+ @- x8 ]$ B" {
一个很深的谴责进入了,一个对那个与所有生命有关的谴责。(A deep condemnation enters about all that is alive.)
1 Z) O7 a1 S( f5 g* I- Y而性是最具生命力的,它是生命之源(And sex is the most alive thing ?has to be! It is the source)。愤怒也是最具生命力的,因为它是一股保护的力量。如果一个小孩完全不能发怒,他将无法存活。在某些时刻你不得不愤怒。这个小孩要显示他自己的存在,在某些时刻这个小孩要站在他自己的立场;否则他将没有中坚力量(backbone,主心骨)。Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation+ w5 r# U6 }% ]% v# X6 U; {
愤怒是美的;性是美的。但是美的事物也能变得丑陋。这在于你。如果你谴责它们,它们将变得丑陋;如果你转化它们,它们将变得神圣。愤怒化为慈悲(compassion),因为能量是相同的(because the energy is the same)。一个佛陀是慈悲的:他的慈悲来自哪里呢?它就是那个在愤怒里流动的能量。现在它不在愤怒力流动了,这同一个能量化成了慈悲。爱从哪里来呢?一个佛陀是爱的,一个耶苏是爱。同样的流入性的能量变成了爱。$ M- e4 W9 F8 D- T. G0 y8 G
所以,记住,如果你谴责一个自然的现象,这将是有毒的,这将会对你有害,它将变得有破坏性,毁灭性。如果你转化它,它将变成神圣的,它将变成神的力量,它将变成永恒;通过它你将到达那永生的,不死的存在。但是转化是必须的。Osho; O8 d5 }6 M3 ?' K+ _% v  K' X' @* g
Osho: And the Flowers Showered, #3