Osho Dynamic Meditation Technique

Recommended to be done in the morning, this hour-long method is a powerful way to kick-start your day. It provides an outlet for tension and withheld emotions as well as being a great energy-booster!
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, Y% H+ Y: q# U# l# `. a; D奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)Osho - "This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware. Whatsoever you do, remain a witness.
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' G: t; l$ U- ^! A1 F9 r% r6 d( Uaoxiu.comWhen the sleep is broken, the whole nature becomes alive; the night has gone, the darkness is no more, the sun is coming up, and everything becomes conscious and alert. This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware, whatsoever you do. Remain a witness. Don't get lost.
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Explode! Let go of everything that needs to be thrown out. Go totally mad, scream, shout, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing, laugh, throw yourself around. Hold nothing back, keep your whole body moving. A little acting often helps to get you started. Never allow your mind to interfere with what is happening. Be total.
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With raised arms, jump up and down shouting the mantra 'HOO! HOO! HOO!' as deeply as possible. Each time you land, on the flats of your feet, let the sound hammer deep into the sex centre. Give all you have, exhaust yourself totally.
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Fourth Stage: 15 minutes
% B* j( ]! s# Q5 V4 `% n, ROshoStop! Freeze where you are in whatever position you find yourself. Don't arrange the body in any way. A Cough, a movement, anything will dissipate the energy flow and the effort will be lost. Be a witness to everything that is happening to you.' z2 r: e" ~, ?: L
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Fifth Stage: 15 minutes
# q9 _7 i% A' w! j- {, y6 M, b! hOshoCelebrate and rejoice with music and dance, expressing your gratitude towards the whole. Carry your happiness with you throughout the day.Osho,奥修,静心,爱的艺术,Meditation- ]/ t3 N8 e* R; W' s& P
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If your meditation space prevents you from making a noise, you can do this silent alternative: Rather than throwing out the sound, let the catharsis in the second stage take place entirely through bodily movements. In the third stage the sound 'HOO' can be hammered silently inside and the fifth stage can become an expressive dance.
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, Y1 o# I- d: V1 B% L奥修(OSHO)中文社区(Meditation,Love)"Someone has said that the meditation we are doing here seems to be sheer madness. It is. And it is that way for a purpose. It is madness with a method; it is consciously chosen.
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Remember, you cannot go mad voluntarily. Madness takes possession of you. Only then can you go mad. If you go mad voluntarily, that's a totally different thing. You are basically in control, and one who can control even his madness will never go mad."